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so fragile. also it will be putting a strain on the power and all of us with this dangerous heat tomorrow. >> thank you. there are still thousands of people in the area without power from last week's storm. at the unbearable temperatures to that and is just awful for them. >> seven nights, and 7 days. no power. no air-conditioning. people are thinking about taking action against pepco. first they have to get their lives back together. >> day 7, it has been to court -- terrible since day one. >> she has lived in her home for nearly 50 years. she cannot ever remember a week like this past week and she blames pepco. >> yesterday my house was 104. so i told them i was going out to -- i and sweltering. " they have been sleeping in the basement. their only relief is a fan powered by a generator. >> it makes it five degrees cooler. >> nobody in seven days has shown up in this area. >> across town its savior has had enough of the heat and -- xavier has had enough of pepco. >> despite multiple calls the power is still out. >> you feel like you are putting in all your new information but n
. it is all air-conditioning. >> this record-breaking summer of heat is weighing on many of us, especially those who have to stay active outside. his packages are holding up under the sun better than he is. >> i have been pretty good. >> another day of 100 degree temperatures and people are running out of ways that work to stay cool. >> the umbrella. it is not help? it is still hot. >> some relief has arrived. i have a tip from air- conditioner mechanics. and make sure you change the filter in your unit. is the number one reason for breakdowns. horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> thank you for your reporting in the heat. this is slowing down metro trains. 35 mile per hour speed restrictions went into place for trains running above ground. when tracks heat up above 135 degrees there is a risk of a heat kink. that is what was blamed for the derailment when the speed restrictions were in place. any conditions the to or download our weather app. >> a mother and stepfather are in the hospital after police say the woman's son shot them. it happened early this morning on seagrape court. tonigh
happening at the park sherrington apartments behind us here. police have blocked off the entrance way to the apartment buildings. this is about one dozen police officers on the scene. here is what we know so far. just before 3:00 we are told a family member came home and discovered two bodies, that of a man and women and they are calling them suspicious deaths. they're focusing on this apartment building and a dumpster behind it. they are going through the dempster as we speak. we have seen them interviewing three people who live in the apartment. not a lot of information is released. is early in the investigation. we saw them going into evidence collection equipment. they are getting started on this. neighbors are beginning to get home and seemed stunned this is happening. we will stay on top of it and have the details as soon as we know them. >> keep us posted out there. thank you very much. meanwhile thousands of people took their message to end aides straight to the white house today. a handful were arrested. sam ford is live with the details. >> 20,000 people are here for the int
and the vehicle used. >> another driver called 91 after seeing the body who had a history of mental illness and was reported as possible danger by his girlfriend two weeks ago. he is believed to be a war veteran and was struck not far from arlington national cemetery. but as it is a tragedy. >> well. i am at a loss for words. >> officers spent hours investigating the accident. the car was going fast. investigators may have to rely on forensics to identify the make and model of the car involved. >> there was a car that pulled over with the victim. we are trying to get a description of that vehicle. >> arlington county police are asking anyone that may have seen something happened here around 5:30 a long the southbound lane to give them a call as they are trying to piece together why this man was walking on the roadway and the vehicle that struck him. >> in other guilty plea tonight in the growing scandal with vincent gray's election. harris is the third person to face charges in the scandal. among the charges -- making contributions in somebody else's names and conspiring to destroy records.
another live doppler update in a few minutes. >> once again mother nature has thrown us in the oven. people are just trying to figure out how to cope. >> we are getting a little bit of wind off the river here, but after the bruising record- breaking heat we had at the start of this month, a lot of people are taking these temperatures in stride. >> as the mid-day temperatures reach the '90s, gm figured it would be the perfect time to go for a jog. you do not run to train, you train to run. if you are not in shape and you go out in this heat, it will kill you. >> often construction sites shutdown when the weather conditions did to be too much for workers. not the case here in alexandria today. after 25 years in this line of work he has learned how to survive and beat the heat. >> it is not bad, you get used to it. >> with the temperatures expected to stay above 90 for the next two days, many looking for ways to stay cool. it has made these tourist from florida feel at home. >> i think it might still be more humid in florida right now. >> i should point out over in the direct -- over i
us new hope. we have a lot of old school talent on there, but we need a new school. >> fans lined up early to be the first to see the redskins make their debut. george and his family drove all the way from -- >> tx. >> how far away is that? >> it took us two days to get here. >> a coaching carrousel, a revolving door at starting quarterback, said seasons' followed by more of the same. >> what i like about redskins fans is we are not fair weather. >> there is nothing like a little triple digit heat to warm up the hopes of redskin fans. >> he is a hard worker and will do everything to make the best out of everything. >> the fans turned out in droves today. the players are still on the field and have been there over two hours. coming up been a little bit we will talk about rgiii's first day. >> tim brant keeping a school at redskins park. what a man. >> -- keeping us school at redskins park. >> before tomorrow's opening ceremony the torch got one last tour of london. it stopped at david cameron's house even taking a ride on london's train system. it made its way to buckingham palace whe
, facebook page, or twitter. if you see damage send us pictures. >> prince william county parents arrested and accused of child abuse after his 8-year-old son went to a stranger's house in the middle of the night looking for help. we are learning more about what their child might have gone through. gail pennybacker is live with the details. >> we know tonight matthew sweeney is a lieutenant commander active duty with the united states navy. he and his wife moved here one year ago and people here say they kept to themselves. they are stunned at what happened in the middle of the night. >> he does not deserve that. nobody does. >> when she saw the little boy with a sweet face and battered arms and body she had to help him. >> he had bruises on his back. >> he showed up at the home before 1:00 tuesday morning they had never seen the child before and brought him inside. >> i immediately said to call 911 and explain we had a little boy who said he was lost. >> the boy told police he escaped being abused and he had been beaten very many times. he walked almost a half mile to get help. >> based o
are not doing their job. >> it is too hot to be inside. without power she has no water. a generator is used to keep your refrigerator on. she is recovering from surgery and can barely manage without electricity. >> we need the whole neighborhood to have power. it is frustrating. >> frustrating seems to be the word we keep hearing over and over in montgomery county. we are told they still want people to call in if they do not have power. currently tonight 4% of customers that lost power are still without electricity to night. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> a face-off between dominion virginia power and arlington county left 110 customers sweltering in the heat. both sides came together today. >> a lot of activity in this neighborhood since our story aired last night. of here to the left you can see we still have crews working very hard to get the lights back on. they're not quite there yet. six days after the storm and the power is still out in arlington. the hemingways have suffered from hotel to hotel. their return home briefly so their daughter could spend time with their service dog. >>
talking about this controversy. sam ford joins us with the latest. >> she would like the mayor to be more forthcoming. there were no other public officials calling on the mayor to resign. from one corner, a statement of support for mayor gray. so far three of the d.c. councilman calling for the mayor to resign, many residents are not there yet. >> i think the jury is out on how complex it he was a in of this. he is not doing a bad job as mayor although he is sidetracked by these issues. >> this week a chief supporter said in court she and city contractor geoffrey thompson ran a $600,000 off the book campaign supporting gray. gray denied he was involved in wrongdoing. >> i ran the best campaign i could in a short period of time and i try to do it in a way that was transparent. >> i said what i can say. i have said it repeatedly. i have been very consistent. those things i have addressed i have addressed very thoroughly. >> he is a great man who has given his whole life in public service in the city. >> a reverend acclaims the scrutiny he is undergoing as one-sided and unfair. >> if we are
barry. should grade resign? >> the answer is no. >> >> the u.s. attorney has not brought a charge. i think we need to be focused on the business of government right now. >> the washington post reported that six months ago gene harris met at gray's office at the wilson building with him and that was two months before the fbi raided her home. gray was asked and said on the advice of council he could not discuss it. >> thank you. our campaign scandal continues as 6:00 tonight. you will hear from jim gray for the first time about what he thinks the mayor should do. >> of stock about something a lot more pleasant. the weather. >> unfortunately we have to get ready for the temperatures in the 90's. doug hill with one began expect these changes. >> tomorrow will be a transition day as we start to ramp up humidity levels. at the moment it is terrific. this is a live look from one of our rooftop cameras. 87 degrees down the river at reagan national. 85 at washington dulles. the. temperatures we help calculate relative humidity from that. when they are in the low 60's and temperatures in the 8
you should be mindful that excessive alcohol has played a role in these crimes. >> use extra precautionary measures and travel with a buddy. use of well lit and heavily traveled street. >> there really is the bottom line. police say until the catch this guy, they have to assume the danger still exists. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> authorities say this for a crime is rare in ocean city. for more details go to our website, >> a murder at an arlington jewelry store. the men wanted in that crime may be wanted in another robbery. >> let's start with this particular incident in the district. it was very brazen officers were crossed the street investigating something else when the suspect walked into that store. june 9 4:40 1:00 p.m., at the walks into benson's jewelry store and points a handgun at the honor. -- at the owner. >> he recounted the encounter with the thief who may now be a killer. the store surveillance camera shows that the demanding the owner to fill a small back with diamonds. >> he said to go in the room and close the door, and i said for how long? >> he cas
is not cooperating and they are looking for a motive in this horrific attack. kris van cleave joins us with more on what we are learning about the suspect. >> he graduated from high school in 2006 college in 2010 with a degree in neuroscience. he has no military experience and no criminal record accept for a traffic ticket last year. if they do not know what led up to this. >> the drawback now the only suspect in the horrific shooting of 71 people gathered at a sold- out colorado theater to watch the new "batman" movie. >> it was casually, like nothing was happening. >> he surrendered without incident telling police he had booby trapped his apartment. >> we are not sure what we are dealing with. it appeared to be some incendiary devices and also some incendiary elements that are linked together, all kinds of wires. >> investigators have spent the day, trying to disarm the devices, hoping to appease things together from the phd candidate and narrow scientist a suspected mass murderer. a family statement goes out. neighbors tell "the denver post" holmes kept to himself and that no one no one knew
to flooding. they blame the geography. a creek used to run through this neighborhood. some expect another flood eventually. they hope it does not come too soon. >> it is almost a way of life every three or four years here. >> dozens of homes flooded and bloomingdale. there were other pockets that saw flooding as well. a lot of cleaning up to do. >>. >> what a miss. >> you can imagine the smell to hear him describe that. >> the question is, how much rain did we get and what is in store for the rest of the week. >> we turn to doug hill and the weather center. >> the downpour was very localized. beautiful weather outside. temperatures in the mid 80's. this is a time lapse from last evening. you are looking across the potomac river. it just moved in and would not stop raining. you saw the facts as far as how much rain fell from the slow- moving downburst -- 2.36 inches of rain at children's hospital in nw. 1.58 inches at howard university. temperatures are in the low to mid 80's. a comfortable afternoon. what is coming next? a few showers west and northwest of the metro area. and then overnig
. >> it took us about two and a half days to get here. >> this crew just arrived from louisiana. they report to the fairgrounds staging area for instructions. they will be working in some very frustrated communities. >> have a little patience with it because you can't just flip a switch. >> he says that he wonders if just a little patience would be a good thing. >> i think they are under too much pressure to get the power of too soon. >> you can see the tree through what was the window. the second cars on the other side, it is so flat and you can barely see it. a spokesperson is afternoon says pepco just doesn't have enough data to offer an explanation. >> can you believe that? >> and two cars crashed and then catching on fire. >> talk of having no luck at all. and we're getting fat ready for more storms moving through the area. >> it looks like these storms will move south of washington d.c.. a little downpour over barry bill just east of winchester. that could spark up as these downpours are still in the building stages. a lot farther south and west, there are some heavier st
's roof fell onto his. >> it scared us to death almost. and we could not get to the door. >> he had lived here for 50 years, and now his home is condemned. still, he is grateful. >> i thank the lord. i really do. >> the storm moved through just after last -- 5:00 p.m. last night. seven people at the jeter gymnasium were injured two hospitalized. now they are traveling up the damage. correct about $10,000 for the roof $6,000 for the trees and that is not even considering anything else. welcome to home ownership. >> two people have been hospitalized with broken bones. >> other areas around virginia have some heavy-duty clean up on their hands as well. the storm toppled dozens of trees in warrington and knocked out power last night. there was also heavy tree damage in marshall from the straight line wind that blew through. >> one good thing that came out of yesterday's storms, the heat wave is finally over. >> temperatures in the low 80's today. certainly, a relief. doug hill is in the weather center with a look. >> the dewpoint temperature relative few -- to timidity levels is down. but a l
. that type of bus will be pulled from the roads. >> bus drivers and passengers told us this morning's fighter was the last straw. they demanded these buses people out of service. county officials listened. they have already been parked. the fire started as the bus driver reached the end of his route. he noticed his-lights flicker and smelled smoke. he called 911. you can see as firefighters arrived, the smoke billowed into the air. when it cleared, the boss was a miss. -- bus was a mess. passengers walking by the scene called it frightening. >> they are still letting passengers on them. that is unsafe. >> within minutes the driver handed a scribbled note calling the bosses a hazard. >> i think it is terrible and unsafe. not only are they putting our lives in danger, it is also the passengers. >> what angered him as the fire problem has been known since 2009. they even launched an investigation after a fire this spring. but the buses have still been in use. >> i would not ride that bus. >> now he will not have to. a county executive this morning ordered the buses off of the road immediately. t
and got some help. she said her kidnapper did not seem to know who she was. the man asked for money used for credit card, but never demanded a ransom. police are at a loss to explain this truly random crime. >> we are in it investigation. >> as we said,vi ripken is back safe at home tonight. police will only describe him as a tall, thin, white male wearing glasses and camouflage pants. >> the family released a statement, saying in part, this has been a very trying time for our family but we are grateful and believe -- and relieved that mamas back safe and healthy. >> new details on the colorado movie theater shooting. there are new reports of a mysterious package sent to the university of colorado days before the shooting rampage. greta cruz is in the newsroom with the latest. >> a package reportedly addressed to a psychiatrist and professor at the school and it had james holmes's name on it. it could give some chilling insight into the massacre. >> he mailed a spiral notebook to a university of colorado psychiatrist dealing plans of a massacre. but the psychiatrist never got it. the pac
tells us the 57-year- old was killed when her bucket truck had problems with the brakes and hit a tractor- trailer. she was an employee of gulf power in florida. >> a d.c. police officer was rushed to hospital after a vehicle hit him. the officer was directing traffic right outside nationals park. the officers suffered non life- threatening injuries, we are told. the driver did stay at the scene. the mpd need your help to find this person of interest. police believe he may be connected to a sexual assault on saturday night. a woman was attacked on m street nw. the man might go by the name jason. >> residents of the d.c. neighborhood are heartbroken after a well-known woman dies in an early-morning fire. the fire broke out on 17th street and southeast. sam ford has more on how neighbors are remembering a woman known as miss mildred. >> behind me is a big pile of rubble. those items were thrown out by firefighters early this morning. she was 71, everybody called her miss m. according to officials, are around 1:30 this morning fire broke out in her third floor apartment. some neig
for a power outage necessities continues tonight. we're live in arlington. >> folks tell us they are just plain tired, tired of driving around looking for gasoline tired of being hot. >> it will even do a window units. >> this mississippi businessman set up shop last night selling generators on the back of this truck. the storm chasing veteran figured the trip might still be worth that. >> we tried to get here a little bit earlier. you guys did not have any warning. we did not have any warning either. >> he may be onto something. this bethesda man told him to find some way -- says his wife told him to find some way to cool their house. she is just plain tired of hunting for gasoline all over arlington. >> they do not have any regular gas left. >> at least she found one that takes credit cards. the credit card systems are offline. this station temporarily shut down because of it. it is all adjusted bit too much for some and there is no end in sight. >> my poor dog is panting. i have not slept in three days. >> take a look at this station. it has gas and it takes credit cards, a lot of peop
from where he used to work. as for the guns, it appears they were purchased legally and he had a safe fire arms collectors license. these weapons seized were very expensive. >> thank you. we will continue to bring you the latest on this story coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we now know the alleged colorado shooter was being seen by his school's psychiatrist. he was undergoing treatment at the university where he was getting his undergraduate degree. >> the prince george's county police officer was just honored as a hero for saving lives and their apartment building fire. he is being indicted. stephen tschida is live. >> the rescue took place a couple of days ago. the incident that led to the charges occurred here last april. the charging of a veteran police corporal has saddened his colleagues and stunned the community. >> days after prince george's county police officer received praise for racing into a burning building and saving seven people, he faces charges of assaulting a 13-year-old boy. >> it does not make sense at all. somebody will bit per is one day. >> last august he r
senior meteorologist is tracking the story for us. >> after we had the ferocious storms -- this is not going to be a case of that. but as a precaution, the folks at at the weather service are monitoring these storms. a wide area is getting nasty storms but primarily they are a west. there is a suggestion of hail and looking at the doppler, it could be up to three-quarters of an inch adding it to the west of columbia as we go through the next 20 minutes or so. where has come through, these storms have produced some welcome rain. 84 degrees in washington. take a look at our weather but the sites. there has been some gusty wind and as much as half an inch of rain. all of this drifting toward the north and as we go to the next half-hour, we will keep you posted. about three-quarters of an inch of rain in some spots. we will see more as we head into august. >> thank you. a front royal officer is recovering after being beaten by a suspect. one of his fellow officers is being credited for saving his life. >> it all started with a call and a suspect exposing himsel
she used to wear. >> we met amber last december when her dog was kidnapped. at her side was her then boyfriend who police say now is suspected of the daughter's murder. police found the body in the basement with her throat slashed. today, as officers closed in, he attempted suicide. >> we get break-ins and all of that, but murder, this is the first time. >> it is strange this is a sad thing. >> friends and neighbors described a fight the couple had been made that led to a protective order. >> it's a worst-case scenario. have a victim and it's the mind set of the suspect. >> a friend told abc 7 saying he spoke to the suspect saying he was despondent and lonely. he said said -- she said he called her. we are hearing there was someone at the house when police initially arrived. officers are telling us that man is not considered a suspect at this point. >> still to come, he was trying to do something nice for a stranger and now i longtime d.c. cab driver and father of seven is dead. tonight, we have details on the search for his killer. >> all i did was take my phone t
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